Thursday, October 06, 2016

week s(ECTURD)ix

another great week of picks from youknowwho.

LSU at Florida: My prediction is that this game will be indefinitely postponed
Auburn (-3) I believe in Auburn's kicking game.
Texas A&M (-6.5) I feel like Butch is a bad gameday coach
Kentucky (-3) when I went back to recheck my picks, I couldn't remember who Kentucky was favored over. I looked this game up and Vanderbilt's quarterback only has one eye, which is awesome.
Alabama (-13.5) there is nothing I feel more confident betting on than I do that Alabama will cover, and I will never not feel this way until they rehire one of the Mikes. I would be more likely to pick Arkansas to win straight up than to cover but not win.
South Carolina (+7) but not winning! I have very little faith in UGA but less in South Carolina, so this splits the difference. This will be an ugly game played in a dadgum hurricane. Hardest pick of the week for this guy.

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