Thursday, October 20, 2016

*to the tune of here come the men in black* here come tha captainz pix

the question on everyone's mind: which one will I get right?

UMass +20 the ol "can south Carolina even score that many points" logic, they probably can and will
Alabama -19 the first time I looked the line was 17 but I saw it as 7 and I laughed out loud
Mizzouri -6.5 no idea how good middle Tennessee is and I'm not going to look it up
Arkansas +10 this is still weird to me, even if I accept that auburn is actually good
Kentucky +3 I think state is a spent force
LSU -5.5 gotta keep ridin the tiger train

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week 8 is enough !

Lotsa double digit margins here, fellas.

UMass (+20) South Carolina suuuuucks
Alabama (-19) never in doubt, my friends
Miss Ouri (-6.5) Vanderbilt beat Middle Tennessee by 23.
Auburn (-10) I regret this before I finished deleting "Arkansas at." Bye week maybe?
Mississippi State (-3) this line looks suspiciously low
Awl Missed (+5.5) but not winning! I expect one of those ridiculous games where somebody gets a big lead and then a big comeback and eventually LSU wins 36-35.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

week 8 wow the season's really flyin by huh

last week was certainly just another week "around the pick-off"

Cap: 1-4-1 (24-32-1) guuuuh
Char: 2-3-1 (29-27-1) great job

here they are in all their glory... they're lines, baby

UMass at South Carolina (-20)
Texas A&M at Alabama (-19)
Middle Tennessee at Mizzouri (-6.5)
Arkansas at Auburn (-10)
Mississippi State (-3) at Kentucky
Old Mist at LSU (-5.5)

"gotta pick em all!" (pokemon)

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

i just can't get enough kenneth bone

pick up the phone who is it its Kenneth bone pick up the phone who is it its Kenneth bone pick up the phone who is it its Kenneth bone pick up the phone who is it its Kenneth bone pick up the phone who is it its Kenneth bone pick up the phone who is it its Kenneth bone pick up the phone who is it its Kenneth bone pick up the phone who is it its Kenneth bone pick up the phone who is it its Kenneth bone

Mississippi State +7 why is Mississippi st playing road games at umass and byu ever, much less in the same season
Georgia -14 a preview of what Georgia's win over aubarn will look like
Tennessee +14 I keep doing this why do I keep doing this
Missouri +13.5 do not watch this game
Old Mist -7.5 this could be a good game but I think it will end up not close
LSU -25 coach o and the boys got something for em

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BYU (-7) weird scheduling works out weird, and the travel to BYU seems to me to favor the Latter Day Saints (SaturDay Saints would be a good BYU football blog name, if it isn't already)
Georgia (-14) villainous
Alabama (-13) never in doubt, friends
Florida (-13.5) hardest pick of the week, no way I would actually bet this, and I don't think anyone else should, either.
Old Mist (-7.5) the Hogs appear overrated to me: best win is I guess double-OT against a mediocre TCU team?
Southern Mist (+25) equally the hardest pick of the week because of LSU's coaching situation.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

week 7

ThaCap: 3-2 (23-28)
Chorles: 4-1 (27-24)

great work, Dackler

A fairly mediocre lineup this week?

Mississippi State at BYU (-7) on Friday for some reason, probably Mormons, but the closest line of the week.
Vandy at Georgia (-14)
Alabama (-13) at Tennessee
Missouri at Florida (-13.5)
Old Mist (-7.5) at Arkansas
Southern Mist at LSU (-25)

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Thursday, October 06, 2016

week s(ECTURD)ix

another great week of picks from youknowwho.

LSU at Florida: My prediction is that this game will be indefinitely postponed
Auburn (-3) I believe in Auburn's kicking game.
Texas A&M (-6.5) I feel like Butch is a bad gameday coach
Kentucky (-3) when I went back to recheck my picks, I couldn't remember who Kentucky was favored over. I looked this game up and Vanderbilt's quarterback only has one eye, which is awesome.
Alabama (-13.5) there is nothing I feel more confident betting on than I do that Alabama will cover, and I will never not feel this way until they rehire one of the Mikes. I would be more likely to pick Arkansas to win straight up than to cover but not win.
South Carolina (+7) but not winning! I have very little faith in UGA but less in South Carolina, so this splits the difference. This will be an ugly game played in a dadgum hurricane. Hardest pick of the week for this guy.

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pick six (six games) ha ha

"goodbye money" - me to my money if these were real bets

LSU -3

Auburn -3 hardest

Tennessee +6.5

Kentucky -3

Arkansas +13.5 why am I doing this, what made me this way

Georgia +7

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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

we're like the opposite of the uconn women

Last Week
The "Tha Captain" Captain: 5-2 (20-26)
Charles "Charlie" Charlesworth: 0-7 lol (23-23)

ah but 3e isn't a brotherhood that dwells on the past... "To the future... and beyond!" (new motto)

LSU (-3) at Florida

Auburn (-3) at Missississippi State

Tennessee at Texas A&M (-6.5)

Vanderbilt at Kentucky (-3)

Alabama (-13.5) at Arkansas

Georgia (-7) at South Carolina

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

please do not take these to the bank baby

good lord man is right, man

Vanderbilt +10 dores got something for em
Georgia +3.5 i'm stupid
LaMo +33 this makes sense to me
South Carolina +17.5 this was the easiest pick
Alabama -35 sorry i'll never not pick tide again
Old Mist -14.5 old mist
LSU -13 isn't there some stat about teams after their coach gets fired that they always cover, i think that's a sports stat

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just terrible

Florida (-10) Does this line seem low? Is it because it's in Nashville, toughest place to play in the SEC?
Tennessee (-3.5) Also seems low
LaMo (+33) I don't feel like Auburn can get to 33!
TAMU (-17.5) Going heavy with the road teams so far, don't trust it
Alabama (-35) Florida beat Kentucky by 38
Memphis (+14.5) I can't believe any actual gamblers would bet this game
Missouri (+13) I can't believe any actual gamblers would bet this game

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

week five southeastern confSECTURD SECTURD SECTURD

That Capitan: last week, 0-8, overall, 15-24 good Lord man
Churlie Rubut: last week, 5-3, overall 23-16

Heck of a lineup this week (not!).

Florida at Vanderbilt (+10)
Tennessee at Georgia (+3.5)
LaMo at Auburn (-33)
TAMU at South Carolina (+17.5)
Kentucky at Alabama (-35)
Memphis at Old Mist (-14.5)
Missouri at LSU (-13)

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

i'm going to get all of these right

you can take it to the bank, baby

Kent State +43.5

Georgia +7

Florida +6.5

Mississippi State -22

Western Kentucky -7.5

LSU -3.5

South Carolina +1.5

Arkansas +5.5

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secturd looks Latinate

Kent State (+43.5) obviously not winning
Georgia (+7) but not winning!
Florida (+6.5) but not winning! Tennessee breaking the so-called streak.
UMass (+22) but not winning. Why is this at UMass? Like, a home-and-home with Tulane or USF or somebody like that I would get. This is like playing at game in Wyoming.
Vanderbilt (+7.5) but not winning. Who would bet this game?
Auburn (+3.5) but not winning, it'll be a gruesome 13-11 heartbreaker. It'll be like the ole Tubby years but for the wrong reasons. Honk if you miss Brandon Cox. Heck, I miss Barrett Trotter.
Kentucky (-1.5) who cares
Texas A&M (-5.5) monstrous

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Last week (overall):
Tha Captain: 6-4 (15-16)
Charles: 5-5 (18-13)

good job, everyone. not.

Kent State at Alabama (-43.5)
Georgia at Old Mist (-7)
Florida at Tennessee (-6.5)
Mississippi State (-22) at UMass
Vanderbilt at Western Kentucky (-7.5)
LSU (-3.5) at Auburn
South Carolina at Kentucky (-1.5)
Arkansas at Texas A&M (-5.5)

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

I need a big week, a big bounceback

luckily, all these are rock solid

Texas State +31

Tami +3.5
tami always wins in auburn

North Texas +36.5
Despite last week, I'm not sure the Go Gaters can score that many points. Also lookin ahead and what not.

Kentucky -19.5
the hal mumme bowl ha ha

Mississippi State +14

Alabama -11
fool me twice: shame on you, fool me thrice: lane on kiffin

Georgia -6.5
maybe nicholls (state) is really good

South Carolina -3.5

Tennessee -27.5
how Tennessee got their groove back (racing joke because of Bristol and a racing groove is the preferable line around a racetrack and how Tennessee will be good now)

Georgia Tech -6.5
sure why not

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sec turds

Texas State (+31)
Auburn (-3.5) it's 2013 again! I feel it.
Florida (-36.5)
New Mexico State (+19.5) bad teams man. Toughest pick of the week.
Mississippi State (+14)
Ole Miss (+11) easy pick, though I said that last week
Georgia (-6.5)
South Carolina (-3.5) also tough
Ohio (+27.5)
Georgia Tech (-6.5)