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The End!

Let's try not to let all the awfulness of yesterday obscure how close and fun this was. That being said, this picture seems appropriate.

For the second straight year, you set the record for highest win % (W/L portion) in a losing effort.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Special "The Wolves are at the Door" Edition 3E Bowl Pick Them Scoreboard

Look wise guy, I know it isn't Tool Man but it came up when I searched for "Home Improvement" and I like it.

Pretty exciting stuff we have here. Real edge of your seat action.

Of the remaining 32 possible outcomes:
  • 16 where Auburn wins and you win both portions of the pick them. This is so boring I don't want to waste another precious second thinking about it.
  • 16 where the the Peach goes to the scrappy underdog from the largest university in the country which is located in the middle of the country's richest recruiting ground. I would win the W/L portion for the second straight year. Something I never thought would happen again. I will cry and my wife and dogs will be confused.
    • 10 outcomes where you still win the confidence portion, creating a split title and throwing our entire relationship into chaos.
    • 6 outcomes where I win the confidence portion. The winners in these scenarios are as follows:
      • Michigan, UCF, Notre Dame, Georgia, Alabama
      • Michigan, UCF, Notre Dame, Georgia, Clemson
      • Michigan, UCF, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Alabama
      • Michigan, UCF, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Clemson
      • Michigan, UCF, LSU, Georgia, Alabama
      • Michigan, UCF, LSU, Oklahoma, Alabama
Astute readers will have noticed a pattern! Did you notice it? Are you astute? I know you are but I'm going to lay it out for you anyway.

I need Michigan and UCF to win. If Notre Dame also wins, it doesn't matter what happens in the playoff games. If LSU wins, I need Alabama to win and it doesn't matter what happens in UGA/OK. So:

1. Michigan, UCF, Notre Dame
2. Michigan, UCF, LSU, Alabama

Other than UCF, those don't seem particularly far-fetched, do they? See you tomorrow!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Special "Route of Boll Weevil" Edition 3E Bowl Pick Them Score Board

Yowza, this is one hot tamale.

I hope Auburn in a BCS (or whatever) game deciding the pick them (at least the W/L portion) will continue to be an annual event (thus becoming a yearly tradition).

There are several ways for you to wrap up the points portion before we even get to the Peach Bowl. I'm sure you're aware I'll keep you updated in a more private way.

Like I mentioned, the 512 possible outcomes (obviously not all equally likely) of the last 9 games break down as follows:

  • 256 outcomes where Awbarn wins the Peach Bowl. In this case you win both portions.
  • 256 outcomes where Now UCF Now UDon't wins. In this case, I win the W/L portion. The points result further breaks down thusly:
    • 142 outcomes where you maintain the points win, created the dreaded split title.
    • 106 outcomes where I win the points portion as well. This is know as you got owned, bitch
    • 8 outcomes where the points end up tied. I imagine this would be something like the "Helvetica Scenario" from that Look Around You Calcium video. I'm not linking to it I don't know how.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Special "Hot Al" Edition 3E Bowl Pick Them Score Board

Well, the W/L portion is pretty clear cut. You can wrap that up today if Utah St. wins.

TCU's rally makes the points pretty well shaded towards you. However, you can't quite clinch that portion today. Which is good because I know I will actually have a use for my catalog of all 512 ways the last two days can go.

Obviously, the Peach Bowl is very important (especially if NMSU wins today and the W/L portion hinges on it). However, there are ways for either of us to win the points without winning the Peach. They're pretty narrow paths but they're there right now. Those paths could disappear today, we'll just have to wait and see. And I like waiting... but I LOVE seeing.

Well anyway, chat at you later.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Special "The Blazing Guns of Navarone" Edition 3E Bowl Pick Them Score Board

Howdy Pardners! Ha ha trying out a cowboy thing. Done now.

Hey Tool Man you bitch how does it feel to have your face covered up bitch

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Special "I'm wearing a new shirt today" Edition 3E Bowl Pick Them 2017 Score Board

MMMM. Very close so far. But it could get out of hand over the next couple of days. Stay tuned!