Thursday, September 29, 2016

please do not take these to the bank baby

good lord man is right, man

Vanderbilt +10 dores got something for em
Georgia +3.5 i'm stupid
LaMo +33 this makes sense to me
South Carolina +17.5 this was the easiest pick
Alabama -35 sorry i'll never not pick tide again
Old Mist -14.5 old mist
LSU -13 isn't there some stat about teams after their coach gets fired that they always cover, i think that's a sports stat

just terrible

Florida (-10) Does this line seem low? Is it because it's in Nashville, toughest place to play in the SEC?
Tennessee (-3.5) Also seems low
LaMo (+33) I don't feel like Auburn can get to 33!
TAMU (-17.5) Going heavy with the road teams so far, don't trust it
Alabama (-35) Florida beat Kentucky by 38
Memphis (+14.5) I can't believe any actual gamblers would bet this game
Missouri (+13) I can't believe any actual gamblers would bet this game

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

week five southeastern confSECTURD SECTURD SECTURD

That Capitan: last week, 0-8, overall, 15-24 good Lord man
Churlie Rubut: last week, 5-3, overall 23-16

Heck of a lineup this week (not!).

Florida at Vanderbilt (+10)
Tennessee at Georgia (+3.5)
LaMo at Auburn (-33)
TAMU at South Carolina (+17.5)
Kentucky at Alabama (-35)
Memphis at Old Mist (-14.5)
Missouri at LSU (-13)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

i'm going to get all of these right

you can take it to the bank, baby

Kent State +43.5

Georgia +7

Florida +6.5

Mississippi State -22

Western Kentucky -7.5

LSU -3.5

South Carolina +1.5

Arkansas +5.5

secturd looks Latinate

Kent State (+43.5) obviously not winning
Georgia (+7) but not winning!
Florida (+6.5) but not winning! Tennessee breaking the so-called streak.
UMass (+22) but not winning. Why is this at UMass? Like, a home-and-home with Tulane or USF or somebody like that I would get. This is like playing at game in Wyoming.
Vanderbilt (+7.5) but not winning. Who would bet this game?
Auburn (+3.5) but not winning, it'll be a gruesome 13-11 heartbreaker. It'll be like the ole Tubby years but for the wrong reasons. Honk if you miss Brandon Cox. Heck, I miss Barrett Trotter.
Kentucky (-1.5) who cares
Texas A&M (-5.5) monstrous

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Last week (overall):
Tha Captain: 6-4 (15-16)
Charles: 5-5 (18-13)

good job, everyone. not.

Kent State at Alabama (-43.5)
Georgia at Old Mist (-7)
Florida at Tennessee (-6.5)
Mississippi State (-22) at UMass
Vanderbilt at Western Kentucky (-7.5)
LSU (-3.5) at Auburn
South Carolina at Kentucky (-1.5)
Arkansas at Texas A&M (-5.5)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I need a big week, a big bounceback

luckily, all these are rock solid

Texas State +31

Tami +3.5
tami always wins in auburn

North Texas +36.5
Despite last week, I'm not sure the Go Gaters can score that many points. Also lookin ahead and what not.

Kentucky -19.5
the hal mumme bowl ha ha

Mississippi State +14

Alabama -11
fool me twice: shame on you, fool me thrice: lane on kiffin

Georgia -6.5
maybe nicholls (state) is really good

South Carolina -3.5

Tennessee -27.5
how Tennessee got their groove back (racing joke because of Bristol and a racing groove is the preferable line around a racetrack and how Tennessee will be good now)

Georgia Tech -6.5
sure why not

sec turds

Texas State (+31)
Auburn (-3.5) it's 2013 again! I feel it.
Florida (-36.5)
New Mexico State (+19.5) bad teams man. Toughest pick of the week.
Mississippi State (+14)
Ole Miss (+11) easy pick, though I said that last week
Georgia (-6.5)
South Carolina (-3.5) also tough
Ohio (+27.5)
Georgia Tech (-6.5)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

weak three

Last week (overall):
Cap'n: 1-7 sick (9-12)
Chaz: 4-4 bad (13-8)

Once again, these appear to all be Saturday games.

Texas State at Arkansas (-31)
Texas A&M at Auburn (-3.5)
North Texas at Florida (-36.5)
New Mexico State at Kentucky (-19.5)
Mississippi State at LSU (-14)
Alabama (-11) at Ole Miss
Georgia (-6.5) at Missouri
East Carolina at South Carolina (-3.5)
Ohio at Tennessee (-27.5)
Vanderbilt at Georgia Tech (-6.5)

Thursday, September 08, 2016


none of these undies actually win

Kentucky +17
Alabama -28.5
Middle Tennessee +5.5
South Carolina +6.5
TCU -7.5
Arkansas St +19
Missouri - 25
Virginia Tech +11.5

week two is time for bad schedules

Florida (-17) covers
Alabama (-28.5) covers
Vanderbilt (-5.5) covers I guess? Toughest pick of the week.
Mississippi State (-6.5) covers
Arkansas (+7.5) covers but does not win!
Arkansas State (+19) covers but does not win!
Eastern Michigan (+25) covers but does not win!
Virginia Tech covers (+11.5) but does not win!

If we did a confidence thing, then I would have Alabama covering as my top confidence pick.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

because they didn't have lines for them on the first site i checked...

we aren't doing the 1AA games!!!

All games are on Saturday, so no hurry getting those picks in.

Kentucky at Florida (-17)
Western Kentucky at Alabama (-28.5)
Middle Tennessee at Vanderbilt (-5.5)
South Carolina at Mississippi State (-6.5)
Arkansas at TCU (-7.5)
Arkansas State at Auburn (-19)
Eastern Michigan at Missouri (-25)
Virginia Tech vs Tennessee (-11.5)

its like... home favorite much?

Last Week:
Charlie: 9-4
Tha Captain: 8-5

Thursday, September 01, 2016

should we have confidence points or something, probably not.

bold means a underdog to win straight up. alright here's what i got:

appalachicola state +20.5
south carolina +4.5
mississippi state -28.5
mizzou +10
ucla +3
wisconsin +10
la tech +26
uga -2.5
kentucky -6.5
UMass + 36.5
alabama -11.5
auburn +7.5
old mist +4.5

we can pick pick pick pick pickcpickppicpk pick pick pick cpick pick pick

I don't like the formatting I did here. Dumb.

Appalachian State covers (+20.5)
Vanderbilt covers (-4.5)
Mississippi State covers (-28.5)
West Virginia covers (-10)
#16 UCLA covers (+3) and wins!
#5 LSU covers (-10)
Louisiana Tech covers (+26)
#18 Georgia covers (-2.5) :(
Southern Mississippi covers (+6.5) [one of two I even hesitated about]
Massachusetts covers  (+36.5) [one of two I even hesitated about]
#1 Alabama covers (-11.5) and maybe 11.5 more. I'd take a 23 point line before a pick em.
Auburn covers (+7.5) but does not win! Life is cruel.
#4 Florida State covers (-4.5)