Thursday, September 22, 2016

secturd looks Latinate

Kent State (+43.5) obviously not winning
Georgia (+7) but not winning!
Florida (+6.5) but not winning! Tennessee breaking the so-called streak.
UMass (+22) but not winning. Why is this at UMass? Like, a home-and-home with Tulane or USF or somebody like that I would get. This is like playing at game in Wyoming.
Vanderbilt (+7.5) but not winning. Who would bet this game?
Auburn (+3.5) but not winning, it'll be a gruesome 13-11 heartbreaker. It'll be like the ole Tubby years but for the wrong reasons. Honk if you miss Brandon Cox. Heck, I miss Barrett Trotter.
Kentucky (-1.5) who cares
Texas A&M (-5.5) monstrous

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