Thursday, September 15, 2016

I need a big week, a big bounceback

luckily, all these are rock solid

Texas State +31

Tami +3.5
tami always wins in auburn

North Texas +36.5
Despite last week, I'm not sure the Go Gaters can score that many points. Also lookin ahead and what not.

Kentucky -19.5
the hal mumme bowl ha ha

Mississippi State +14

Alabama -11
fool me twice: shame on you, fool me thrice: lane on kiffin

Georgia -6.5
maybe nicholls (state) is really good

South Carolina -3.5

Tennessee -27.5
how Tennessee got their groove back (racing joke because of Bristol and a racing groove is the preferable line around a racetrack and how Tennessee will be good now)

Georgia Tech -6.5
sure why not

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