Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is a good idea

Victor: Street signs. Look for street signs.

Me: Haven’t seen any. Feels like I’m on a highway now. Ask me what my great idea is.

Victor: No.

Me: GPS for Stupid People.

Victor: *

Me: I’m totally serious. Because I’m no good with directions but I’m really good with landmarks so if you tell me to go “North on Main” I’m fucked but if you say “Turn at that Burger King that burned down last year” I totally know what to do so we should build a GPS system that does that.

Victor: *sigh*

Me: And here’s the genius part: we make it able to learn so it adapts to you personally. So like if I say “Huh. There’s a homeless guy masturbating” it’ll put that in it’s data-banks and then when I want to go somewhere later, instead of just naming random streets it’s all “You know where that homeless guy was masturbating? We’re going there. Turn left at that Sonic you like. Turn right at the burrito place you took Sarah to that time she was dressed all slutty. Yield at the place you gave that guy a hand job.”
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