Saturday, June 09, 2012

from the easiest to...

THE HARDEST. This is where the big dogs play poker. This ain't the kiddie pool. This is where big ol' dogs play poker in the deep end of the pool. welcome to your OFFICIAL 3E GROUP B PREVIEW AND ROOTABILITY THING Poor Denmark. In group A they would actually be right in the mix but here we got what are probably the 2nd and 3rd best teams in the whole tournament in The Netherlands and Germany and Portugal is no slouch either. I guess It will be the Neths and the Germs in some order getting out. You should cheer for the Dutch, they're orange. Cheer for Denmark, ya know, rootin for the underdog is popular these days. Do what you want, i don't care. Germany isn't really that likeable but they're not actual nazis or anything. Portugal are greasy and they have Cristiano Ronaldo. 1. neth 2. den 3. germ 4. port

flags: they're all pretty good.

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