Friday, June 08, 2012

hey remember when...

I did that flag thing for the world cup? I'd do something like that for the Euros but I hate the blogger layout so much now that I don't know if I could stand it. Instead, I'm doing this! Group A starts today so here's your official 3E GROUP A PREVIEW AND ROOTABILITY RANKINGS. Anyway we got Poland and Greece kickin it off and then Russia and the Czech Republic in the afternooncap. This has gotta be the easiest group. Gotta be. None of these teams are really that good. Greece is probably the best. Poland is at home but it probably won't matter. I'm going to pick Greece as group winners with the Czechs runnin up. As far as who you should cheer for, Greece used to be deplorable in their tactics and were unwatchable at the last Euros. I hear tell they're better now but they're still hairy. They have funny names though so that's something to think about. I'm biased toward Poland, being 1/8th Polack and all. I kinda like Russia. I don't know about the Czechs. As a 1/8th Slovak, I don't trust em. So rootability will go (i guess) 1. poland 2. russia 3. greece 4. czechs. there you go!

ps if we were doing the flag thing, Russia would win and Greece would pip Poland for runner up.

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