Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winner / Loser

When it comes to bowl games, you just gotta pick them. Whether there's 4 of them or 40, a bowl game you don't pick is a bowl game that everyone loses. Without further ado, these are Tha Captainz Pix. Remember boys and ghouls, the winner (I gahhh rohn teee) is listed first. And I've included Tha Captainz Thoughtz with each one. Just a little slice of my zany brain! Put your own zany brain slices in the comments, I love to interact. Blog at you later, blogbags!!

New Mexico: Arizona / New Mexico

This is going to be a great way to kick off bowl season. Can’t wait to tune in.

Las Vegas: BYU / Utah

Throw out the records when these bitter rivals get together. This hotly contested clash is known as “The Holy War.” Nobody knows why.

Camellia: Appalachian State / Ohio

The boys from Boone are rumbling down the mountain. At the bottom of that mountain? The Cramton Bowl which is the host site of this game.

Cure: Georgia St / San Jose St

“It’s Friday, I’m in love”… with this matchup!

New Orleans: Arkansas State / Louisiana Tech

Love this matchup.

Miami Beach: Western Kentucky / USF

Familiarity breeds contempt for these two schools which are located only 14 miles apart.

Idaho Potato: Utah St / Akron

Called “The Bowden Bowl” because Terry Bowden is one of the coaches, this game will be played inside the hollowed out core of the world’s largest potato.

Boca Raton: Temple / Toledo

Hey bowl guys… teams with names that DON’T start with “T” are eligible to be picked too!

Poinsettia: Boise St / Northern Illinois

Should be a barn-burner.

GoDaddy: Bowling Green / Georgia Southern

GoDaddy? GoGetMe the remote so I can tune in!

Bahamas: Western Michigan / Middle Tennessee

Western Michigan? Middle Tennessee? What’s next Upper Colorado???

Hawaii: Cincinnati / San Diego St

Watch out, it’s the Hawaii bowl.

St Petersburg: UConn / Marshall

Don’t mess with a streak! These ladies continue to amaze and inspire.

Sun: Washington St / Miami(Fl)

Named after Knoxville’s famous Sun Sphere, this game was moved to El Paso in 1974 due to a clerical error.

Heart of Dallas: Washington / Southern Miss

(like the song from the video) Washington… Washington… 6 and 6… This game should be fun!

Pinstripe: Indiana / Duke

More like the PUNstripe bowl, am I right?

Independence: Virginia Tech / Tulsa

Coach Frank Beamer invented Beamerball. Nowadays it’s all Beamerball and it’s all thanks to Coach Frank Beamer, the inventor of Beamerball.

Foster Farms: UCLA / Nebraska

I can’t wait to watch this game.

Military: Navy / Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh’s “Cathedral of Learning” is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. There is no oxygen and negligible gravity at the peak of its gothic spire. School tradition dictates that Seniors have to climb it and die.

Quick Lane: Central Michigan / Minnesota

One team just wants it more.

Armed Forces: California / Air Force

Call me Tupac because I’m here to give some “California Lovin!”

Russell Athletic: North Carolina / Baylor

What even is a “Baylor” anyway? Probably some brainiacs know but not me. I’m no brainiac.

Arizona: Colorado St / Nevada

Gaaah! Who can keep up with all these bowls!?

Texas: LSU / Texas Tech

LSU is excited because they have to drive “Les Miles” than if they played this game at the center of the earth.

Birmingham: Memphis / Auburn


Belk: Mississippi St / NC St

Drew Belk. Love that guy.

Music City: Texas A&M / Louisville

Two of the founding members of the Big 8, known as “The Original Eight” get together to do a Tennessee Two-Step at the home of the Titans: Titan Stadium.

Holiday: Wisconsin / USC

This was the Christmas bowl until Obummer and the Libtards enforced their fascist, pc, war on Christianity agenda.

Peach: Florida St / Houston

Houston, we have a problem!! A football problem!!

Orange: Oklahoma / Clemson


Cotton: Alabama / Michigan St


Outback: Northwestern / Tennessee

Pretty sure Tennessee’s gonna win.

Citrus: Michigan / Florida

The Citrus Bowl is packed with Vitamin C, which in this case stands for College football.

Fiesta: Ohio St / Notre Dame


Rose: Samford / Iowa

Pretty sure Iowa’s gonna win.

Sugar: Old Mist / Oklahoma St

For the winner of this game, victory will truly be “sweet.”

Tax Slayer: Georgia / Penn St

Pretty sure Penn St’s gonna win.

Liberty: Arkansas / Kansas St

Gonna be an old fashioned slugfest.

Alamo: Oregon / TCU

These two teams really know how to toss the rock around the ballyard.

Cactus: Arizona St / WVU


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