Friday, December 18, 2009

3E bowl pick them: A slightly less brief history

Most of the records are lost in the limbo of history but we can all agree on one thing: I am (still) better than Charles in every way.

2005: Seven CRISIS games. I won five of them. I had won before New Year's Day.
2006: I won on the last day (via tiebreaker) by picking UF over THE ohio state university.
2007: Again, a tiebreaker victory for me.
2008: A new record of 15 CRISIS games. There was no tiebreaker. My picks outscored Charles's picks by four touchdowns yet somehow the Chuckwagon pulled it out.

So, It's 3 - 1. Astute readers will have noticed that I picked all favorites this season. The result: Without me picking the goofy picks I make solely because I want the opposite to happen, there's an all-time low of 5 CRISIS games:

Dec. 23rd: Cal vs Utah
Dec. 29th: UCLA vs Temple
Dec. 30th: Arizona vs Nebraska
Dec. 31st: Oklahoma vs Stanford
Jan. 2nd: South Carolina vs UConn

So, it will likely be over one way or the other before the new year, but I think we can all agree: If it comes down to the PPJ.c, that will be the single defining moment of our generation. I don't know if I could stand to see it in person. Watching it intermittently on tv will be hard enough.

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