Tuesday, November 22, 2016

it's the most wonderful picks of the year

My fondest wish? A tie, dear readers.

LSU (-5) Texas A&M is a team getting worse, LSU is still hoping for Coach Oh to get the stupid job. The line has moved a bit on this game since I posted it.

Arkansas (-9.5) I picked against Arkansas last week, mistake (miss steak)

Georgia Tech (+4.5) Option I guess?

Kentucky (+25.5) Louisville is sad, Kentucky is bad, who to pick? Going with the gut (bacteria).

Auburn (+17) thanks to the magic of the Captain's proprietary data, this is one pick I can be sure I'll miss! Alabama will definitely win this by 18 points.

Old Mist (-7.5) I picked in favor of Mississippi State last week, mistake (missed take)

South Carolina (+23.5) CLICK CLACK

Tennessee (-7.5) Playing for the sugar bowl, babee

Florida State (-6.5) did Florida State get another rapist quarterback?

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