Thursday, November 10, 2016

it's time for picks, proud

Georgia (+10.5) Auburn wins but I don't think that they cover in Athens, hotbed of dickery, with a whole team that's all taking horse tranquilizers just to sleep at night

South Carolina (-11.5) I can easily imagine this being the least watchable game on any channel at any time

Kentucky (+13.5) Tennessee seems like a team on decline, but they've got a lot to play for, too. I think Tennessee by ten sounds about right.

Alabama (-30) Absolutely no doubt, I don't even look at the line or the team opposing Nick's Juggernauts anymore

Missouri (-3.5) Vandy is going to have a kind of hangover situation with the close loss to Auburn. Or probably not, probably they win.


Ole Must (+10.5) This line seems high for Trevor Knight to have exploded all his ligaments

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