Thursday, November 10, 2016

*to the tune of here come the men in black* here comes a fascist prez

I'm really smart and good at picking

Georgia +10.5 the political pollsters must have come up with this line am I right

South Carolina +11.5 seems like it will be ugly

Tennessee -13.5 this is probably wrong

Alabama -30 that is a lot of points. Alabama will knock Mississippi state out in the first few minutes, balance a piece of plywood on state's chest, and then slowly and meticulously pile rocks on top of it for 50 minutes. 30 points is a lot of rocks I think but I'm a dumb idiot. also it isn't really that many rocks/points I guess. who cares

Vanderbilt +3.5 no idea!

Arkansas +7 probably wrong again. momentum? I guess

TAMU -10.5 maybe they'll be angry? old mist is all used up.

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