Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Touchdown maker

Do you ever think about how terrible the 1998 Auburn football season was? Do you ever wonder what might have happened in things turned out differently? In doing so, you might wonder what Robert Baker License Plate Maker has been up to lately. Well, wonder no more.
yooooooo this is ya boy shake man. this is 2009 and its time for me to collect on what is mine. i might be late blooming but better now then neva. 2007 was hell for me so right now iam like in the belly of the beast fo real. the world is going in so many direction that all i can do is straddle this fince of what i consider to be life. i feel like my true meaning of being here is to teach yall of what is to come in the furture of our nation and these streets. i have been on both ends of the spectrum man. trust me when i say i have been to heaven and hell and i am starting not to know the difference while iam still alive. i know there is a better place this this i know. so while iam here yall i will spread my wings ova these tracks and show yall how to fly until they shoot me down. i wanna say i love you to my family and all those who know and ride for shake severs and for those of you who hate me i say i love you too. better yet holla at me cause in the end you will see why i came into your life. you cant die if you have lived but you can live if you havent died may 19 2007 and for eva. benji and jante keep ya eyes open and breath easy. one love one heart

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