Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Forever Lazy commercial

This commercial is pretty sad, in a "dumbing of America/Idiocracy is coming true/this is for adults?" kind of way. I'm more interested in it as a reflection of cultural norms and, more specifically, gender construction and heteronormativity. Watching not terribly carefully, I see one woman in gray and another in navy blue, plus the magic transition at the end of the commercial. All the rest (notably every woman younger than about forty) wear pink. No man in the commercial wears a pink one. There is a place out there for an American Studies or Gender Studies dissertation, or at least a seminar paper, regarding how gender roles are construed in mass market, direct-order TV advertising.

Also, if I saw someone wearing one of these in public I would assume that person was retarded, not in a pejorative sense but unable to get it together enough to wear anything else.

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