Thursday, November 03, 2011


by my haphazard and (DARE I SAY) slapdash calculation I'm at 51 - 11 strait up which is xtrakrzy because that's a different total than Charlos's 54 - 9. It doesn't matter. I'm certainly not trying to figger out my ATS reck.

UPDATE: Since Charles won't count I'm going to assume I missed a win.

52 - 11.

UPDATE: Just noticed that Charles's strait up and ATS records don't total to the same thing. Maybe I AM a mere 51 - 11.

UPDATE: 62 games have been picked. I'm going to be the better man and admit that my original 51 - 11 was correct and that other asshole is cooking the books ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

UPDATE: you've only got 9 losses, bro. EVERYONE, CHARLES IS ONLY 53 - 9.

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