Friday, April 03, 2009

Viral videos

I think I have mentioned in this space before how much better the Cracked website is than its analog magazine ever was. Recently: 6 "Stars" of Embarrassing Viral Videos. I had seen all of these but the "Impossible is Nothing" one, which is just stupid. My favorite story is for this guy:

I don't know if it's his ridiculous tan or the quality of the video, but I thought this guy was black. So this part was a surprise:
A few years later, Scott left KAXS (the Dallas TV station where he was the anchor) and eventually wound up at WAAY in Huntsville, Alabama, presumably because there are fewer lizards there. At that point, things again took a turn for the strange.

According to The Huntsville Times, Scott was let go earlier this year after a "dispute with a producer." The Huntsville Times has a serious gift for understatement, because in this case "dispute with a producer" means "committing an act of career self-immolation so complete that he's unlikely to ever get hired in his field again."

According to BET, the "dispute" was that during a commercial break, Scott referred to a co-worker as a Negro. When that co-worker asked him not to use that word, Scott, in an act of mind-blowing asshattery, decided to use the, um, other N-word and was fired shortly thereafter.
Of course this is the best actual video:

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